Since day 1 brought to our showroom in year 2011, this Lexus IS200 Korean spec has been through track oriented(later track dedicated) life.

The build is still going on under pursuit of perfect time attack machine(instead of “pursuit of perfection”), but before she go through another serious surgery, we wanted to mark her milestone surely based on it’s yearly best lap time at KIC short course.

2012 / 1:36.7 (3S-GE 2.0, stock, R-S3 Tires)
2013 / 1:32.8 (3S-GE 2.0, ITB, RE-11 Tires)
2014 / 1:31.9 (3S-GE 2.0, ITB+Cams, RE-11 Tires)
2015 / 1:31.3 (3S-GE 2.0, ITB+Cams+Wide body, RE-11A Tires)
2016 / 1:30.6 (3S-GE TODA 2.2, ITB+Cams+Wide body, V720 Tires)
2017 / 1:27.7 (3S-GE TODA 2.2, ITB+Cams+Wide body, TD Tires)


MotorKlasse IS200 Laptime Milestone6.jpg

We believe whichever car you choose for your build, as long as you don’t give up and take it serious, Any car can be a ultimate track machine and make it’s own legacy.




MotorKlasse will be pleased to provide consulting for your own build,

from retro to race.

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