There are passionate customers in Korea have been transforming their weekend toy into serious track machines.

MotorKlasse willingly offered deep and fully customizable map service with AEM standalone engine management solutions for those customers.

Here is dyno video followed with graphs and specs for both cars.



S2000 동시 그래프

Power Modifications List

<Red dyno graph – Grey S2000 – 236ps / 23.45kg.m>

  • Spoon Sports F20C 2.2L Engine (Thinner head gasket)
  • Spoon Sports High-Profile camshaft
  • TODA CF Intake Camber
  • ASM Exhaust Manifold
  • Amuse R1000 Exhaust
  • Mugen Intake
  • AEM Infinity ECU


<Blue dyno graph – White S2000 – 236ps / 23.45kg.m>

  • Spoon Sports F20C 2.0L Engine (Thinner head gasket)
  • TODA Big-bore throttle body
  • ASM Throttle body spacer
  • TODA Exhaust Manifold (Torquikun)
  • TODA Exhaust (Single) + Testpipe
  • K&N FIPK Intake
  • AEM EMS-4 w/Boomslang harness


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