The premium  motorsport equipment trading company.
From track novices to pro teams, and even production car corporations,
MotorKlasse has been supporting diverse customers related to cars, safety, and speed since 2004.
Covering categories of automotive related matters from  racing equipment sales,
prototype vehicle testing services, driver instruction services and the Radical,
MotorKlasse never forgot that we can’t advance with our business if we don’t keep our passion alive.
That is why we love being on the track with customers and pushing ourselves hard.

-MotorKlasse Milestone-

-. In 2004, MotorKlasse was the FIRST company to offer forged titanium wheel nuts for Honda/Toyota.

-. MotorKlasse’s own 4.44 FD gears are one of the best selling gears for Honda S2000.

-. MotorKlasse established a partnership with BROS Motorsport, an Automotive/Motorsport electronics R&D company

-. Since 2011, MotorKlasse and the crews are working as testdrivers for Hyundai-Motor corp.
for their seasonal comparison test events – 4 weeks per a year.

-. MotorKlasse is providing instructors for local Porsche owner’s club events.

-. In 2013, MotorKlasse has become an official sponser for the biggest professional racing team in Korea, SEOHAN PURPLE MOTORSPORTS.

-. In 2014, MotorKlasse expanded it’s facility, now serving local/international customers better.

-. MotorKlasse is official distributor for many TOP-RATED brands
such as Kreissieg, Alpinestars, Spoon, TODA, GIAC, Nardi-Personal, Stoptech, Simpson/HANS and more.

-. MotorKlasse has been successfully restored vintage collectables such as, W123 300D sedan and wagon, 190E 2.3 16v, 1992 NSX.

-. In 2016, MotorKlasse launched Radical Sportscars in Korean market.