As an authorized dealer for Hewland Engineering LTD, MotorKlasse is proudly providing the leading professional racing teams the ultimate solution for transferring the power in most effective way. 5 customized/specially invented sequential transmissions and comparments are came in, getting ready to be used in real race situation. Compact, Light, Dependable, Easily serviceable, Hewland is the … More PRODUCTS | HEWLAND Sequentials

PRODUCTS | WILLANS racing harness

Based on the historical Silverstone racing circuit in UK, WILLANS has been serving world famous drivers and keeping them safe from possible incidents on track. Besides its safety standards and features, WILLANS stands out from other harness makers in terms of their heritage in racing history. Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler, Tyrrell 003, Sir Jackie Stewart and … More PRODUCTS | WILLANS racing harness


As an authorized official dealer for ATL LTD., MotorKlasse is offering local race teams and hardcore builders world best solution for the fuel safety. Not only safe, thanks to ultra light construction of the BANTAM cell, 30L cell including aluminium FIA spec container only weighs 10lbs(4.5kgs). As an authorized dealer, we provide compartments like Remote fill … More PRODUCTS | ATL “BANTAM” FUEL CELL


  MotorKlasse and our staffs are always welcoming the chances to be on race events. From Dec.2 to Dec.4 2016, MotorKlasse was at the Fuji International Speedway for Asian Lemans race support. Thanks to Tack Kim, the Korean LMP driver, and Algarve Pro Racing, MotorKlasse was able to extend its race field experience.